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News and Announcements for the week of March 7, 2021

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This Week at St. Titus
Fraudulent Text and Email Messages
Vestry Members Needed
Lent at St. Titus’
Need: Community Prayer Partners
Lenten Quiet Day
ECW Grants and Scholarships
Deacon’s Corner
Prayer Requests

This Week at St. Titus’
Thursday, March 4 5:30 pm – Zoom Coffee Hour. Check in with other members of the congregation and let us know how you’re doing.
Sunday, March 7:  Third Sunday in Lent.10:00 am – Worship Service on Facebook Live.*  Susan will begin playing the hymns at 9:50 am. The order of service can be found HERE.  
*Please note, Bishop Anne is not able to be with us this week. She is in Texas with her mother who is nearing the end of her life on earth. Please pray for Bishop Anne’s mother, Joan Daniel Hodges, and for Bishop Anne and her family. 
 11:00 am – Coffee Hour (directly following Morning Prayer)
3:00 pm – Bible study on the Ten Commandments 
Tuesday, March 98:00 am – Morning Prayer Join on Facebook Live or via Zoom
Wednesday, March 106:00 pm – Evening Prayer. Join on Facebook Live or participate via Zoom. The order of service can be found HERE.
Thursday, March 118:00 am – Morning Prayer Join on Facebook Live or via Zoom
5:30 pm – Zoom Coffee Hour. Check in with other members of the congregation and let us know how you’re doing.

Fraudulent Text and Email Messages
I have been alerted that fraudulent email messages are going out, supposedly from me, asking people to email me back. This is another version of the fraudulent texts that went out around Christmas asking people to purchase gift cards for me. If you receive an email or text like this please do not purchase the gift cards or respond to the message in any way. Responding to the fraudulent email lets the sender know that that they have a good email address for you. If you ever have a question about whether a message came from me please reach out to me to ask. Scams like this are happening all over the country. Please be careful.

Stephanie +

Vestry Members Needed
Three positions on the vestry will come open at the end of March. Those joining the vestry this year will help make important decisions about reopening for in-person services and about adjusting to a post-COVID world. They will also look for ways to involve the entire St. Titus’ community in our ongoing work of 
walking with Christ by serving others, pursuing justice and welcoming all (taken from our new mission statement).

Please consider whether you are called to serve on the vestry. For more information, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee, Marguerite Peebles, Charles Thompson, Preston Edwards, and Lew Myers, or any other member of the vestry.

Lent at St. Titus’
Throughout the season of Lent, we will be gathering for Morning Prayer (via Zoom) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:00 am. (See above for links.) Clergy and members of the parish will be leading prayers and offering reflections on the readings.

Please join us as we commit ourselves to prayer and mutual support in in observing a holy Lent!

Needed: Community Prayer Partners
Each week St. Titus’ receives multiple calls from neighbors who need help paying utility bills, making rent, and buying groceries and other necessities. We are blessed to be able to respond financially through the clergy’s Discretionary Funds — and now we are expanding the ways we respond spiritually as well.

St. Titus’ hopes to form a group of parishioners committed to praying for those who come through our doors each week. The responsibilities would be minimal — just a few moments set aside each day for prayer, or for writing a note of encouragement — but the impact would be profound.

If you would like to become one of our Community Prayer Partners, please contact our curate, Philip Zoutendam: st.tituscurate@gmail.com / 785-580-6383.

Lenten Quiet Day
The Spiritual Life Guild of Chapel of the Cross — one of our partner churches through the Reimagining Curacies program — will be offering a virtual Lenten Quiet Day March 20 with The Rev. Matthew Wright, CRC, from St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in Woodstock, NY. Rev. Wright’s topic for the day will be Entering the Heart of Christ: Christianity as Participatory MysteryLearn more (and register) here.

ECW Grants and Scholarships
The Board of the ECW of the Diocese of North Carolina wants to let you know about funding opportunities with upcoming deadlines.
Applications for a Lex Mathews Scholarship for women are due on March 15. Criteria for the scholarship as well as supporting documentation is located on the diocesan ECW website, www.ecw-nc.org, in the Lex Mathews section. Barbara Longmire is coordinating this program for the 2021-22 academic year.
Blessings to all.

One Thousand Days of Love:
The Diocese of North Carolina has joined Episcopal Relief and Development’s “ONE THOUSAND DAYS OF LOVE” campaign by pledging to raise $198,000 by the end of Easter to nurture and nourish more than 13,000 children and their communities in meaningful, sustainable and culturally respectful ways.

To reach our pledge, the Diocese is asking each congregation to donate $15 per member. This will help thousands of children, their families and larger communities in the form of mosquito nets, bicycles, nutrition and parenting programs for young families, economic assistance and assistance with care for newborns and their mothers.

It may not seem like much, but in the right hands $15 changes and saves a lot of lives. Come on, Titusians, help us reach our goal!

You may make a donation HERE. Please be sure to mention St. Titus’ in the comment box.

Deacon’s Corner
El Buen Pastor Food Drive: The regularly scheduled food drives on the first Saturday of each month continue too. Next up: Saturday, March 6, 7:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
New Ministry: Diaper Collection
The need for diapers is ongoing! You can help by donating to St. Titus’ and referencing this ministry or contacting me to meet you at the church for pick-up. Diapers will be distributed to families with young children or to the Diaper Bank of North Carolina.

For families in need, something as small as a diaper can have a significant impact. (Sizes 4, 5, 6, 4T-5T, pull-ups needed, with an immediate need for Size 6, please).

Eno River Association Publishes First Eno Journal in Twenty Years
The Association provides platform for People of Color to share their Eno family history. 
The Eno River Association announces the revival of their Eno Journal, now available for purchase online and thru local retail shops (it retails for $16). Ribbons of Color Along the Eno River: The History of African Americans and People of Color Living on the Eno contains first- and second-hand stories of those who have long lived in the Eno watershed.
Music, War, Baptism, Indigenous Beadwork, and local historical figure Fannie Breeze are just a few of the themes of the stories included in Ribbons of Color. The journal’s articles are gathered from interviews, first-person narratives, and family lore of a dozen authors ranging from members of the Saponi Nation, historians, and others including notably Charlene Whitted Campbell, Alexandra Sutton Lawrence, Kris Mayfield, Dr. Freddie Parker, and Beverly Scarlett.

“In honor of Black History Month, the Association humbly uplifts these 17 stories from within our watershed history, some previously untold. Many of these voices are from marginalized groups or those overlooked by historical records which are predominantly recorded based on whiteness and wealth” reports Eno Executive Director Jessica Sheffield.
Please email HERE  to learn more. A series of launch events is planned, and the Association website is up to date with information about the Journal, including excepts from the book.

Good News Garden:
Gardening on Fridays from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. No experience is necessary. *PLEASE NOTE, gardening is cancelled this Friday March 5, but will resume March 12 at noon!

CC Spaulding Elementary School:
Community Partners Meeting (via Zoom) – First Tuesday at 3:30 pm. We receive updates from the school and hear their needs.

NCCU Campus Ministry:
Transformation Tuesday: Tuesdays at 8:00 pm on Zoom. This hour-long Zoom is student led with shared song, prayer and testimony. 
If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact 
Deacon Sarah Woodard
Cell: 919-599-5227
:  sarah.woodard@duke.edu

Please continue to pray for those on our prayer list. Theodora Afenyi-Annan, Krissy Alston, Joyce Avery, Anna Barnes, Stephanie Bobbitt, Amanda Bradley, Annie Bridges, Fanny Brown & Family, Dorothy Campbell, Lawrence Campbell, Codell Chavis, Allen Coles, Cedric Coleman, LaMoyne Cooper, Pat DeBourg, Ann and John Duce, Ann Edmonds, Dennis Estes, Dennis S. Estes, Jr., Cindy Evans, Riley Faith, Elizabeth Finley, Fr. Monroe Freeman, Maxine Higgins, Robyne Hill, Karen Horne, Diane Hundley, William Ingram, Jennifer Jackson, Murphy Jenkins, Adrienne Kennedy, The Lawrence Family, Derek Matthews, Christine McClure and Family, Mozella McLaughlin, Walter McMiller, Barbara McMorris, Whitney McWilliams, Ama Mensah-Boone, Ida Mims, Mary Moore, Monica Musgrove, Pearl Owens, Louis Parker, Elizabeth Peebles, Genesis Perry, Vincent Quiett, Geoffrey Raine, Latricia Richardson, Debbie Scroggs, Charles Shorter, Terrance Smith, Nawaal Walker and Family, Vanessa Wells, The Rev. Ellen White, Jori Wilks, Sherrye Williams, Sydney Williams, Howard W. Williams, Carol  Willis, all residents & staff of senior living facilities, and those suffering in any way from COVID 19.

02 Therion Cobbs
03 Yvette Matthews
04 Rebecca Edmonds
04 Anthony Largent
07 Joseph Campbell
07 James Shumate
09 Derrick Miller
10 Greg Jacobs
11 Juanita Taylor
12 Kenneth Campbell
13 Ozella Laverne Bishop
14 Anita Cobbs
16 Brittany Moore
16 Kenneth Brown
19 Jennifer Alexander Brown
19 Francene Moore
21 Althea Alton
21 Isra Robinson
22 Mozella McLaughlin
23 Lewis Myers, III
23 Louis Perkins
25 Keith Bishop
25 Kirra Campbell
27 Anderson Harris
28 Preston Edwards
29 Mariah Holland

*If your birthday is not included, is incorrect, or you have an anniversary in March, please email our admin, Teresa and let her know.

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