Vestry and Other Leaders

The Vestry is equivalent to the governing board in some other denominations. Vestry members, other than the priest, are lay people.


Cheryl Myers, Senior Warden (2024)
Lionell Parker, Junior Warden (2024)
Robyn Furges (2024)
Vickie Miller (2024)
Gloria Drew (2023)

Keith Bishop, (2023)

Paula Drew-Estes (2024)
Chuck Hennessee , Clerk (2023)
Kenneth Valentine (2022)
Mary Hawkins, Treasurer


Altar Guild                                    Hazel Brown
Acolyte Warden                          Vincent Quiett
Benevolent Team Coordinator        Willette Crews
Card Ministry                                Alexine Miller
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Donna Smith
Communications Ministry               Mary Hawkins
Episcopal Church Women              Valerie Quiett
Episcopal Church Women              Vickie Miller
Memorial Garden Warden              James Barnes
Music Director                             
Ramon Holloway
Parish Outreach Coordinator          Willette Crews
Parish Outreach Coordinator          William Hennessee
St. David’s Usher Guild                  Dwight Peebles
Invite.Welcome.Connect Committee
Sarah Woodard
Youth Coordinator                        (Vacant)

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